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Division of Equity and Engagement

Diversity Education

Diversity Education advances the efforts of DEE to foster a climate of equity and inclusion through leading educational training and workshops



The National Coalition Building Institute International is a nonprofit leadership training organization that works to eliminate prejudice and inter-group conflict on campuses and in communities throughout the world. Its university campus affiliate members are trained to provide a proactive response to discrimination and intergroup conflicts. The Fresno State Campus Affiliate consists of a team of students, faculty, and staff trained to lead Prejudice Reduction workshops and the Controversial Issues Process.

Leading for Diversity and Inclusion Workshop - An Interactive Workshop, Not a Lecture

All Are Welcome!! 

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  • All are one-day workshops from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Morning refreshments and lunch are provided.
  • It is REQUIRED that you are present for the full day.  
  • If you are unable to stay for the entire day, please register for a different day.  
  • This workshop is most effective when you attend the entire time.
  • Each activity builds on previous work.
  • Fresno State Students, Faculty, and Staff - NO COST
  • Non-Fresno State Participants - $75.00  (Make check payable to "Fresno State".)

The NCBI 3-Day Train the Trainer Seminar is an intensive course that teaches people how to lead two highly effective programs - the NCBI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Model and the NCBI Controversial Issue Process.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Model is a one-day program that NCBI has implemented in hundreds of schools, universities, corporations, government agencies, trade unions, religious institutions, and community organizations throughout the world. At the Train the Trainer Seminar, participants meet in small learning groups where they receive individual coaching in leading each
component of both programs.

The NCBI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Model consists of series of incremental, experiential activities that help participants

  • To celebrate their similarities and differences,
  • To recognize the misinformation they’ve learned about various groups,
  • To identify and heal from internalized oppression–the discrimination members of an oppressed group target at themselves and each other,
  • To claim pride in group identity,
  • To understand the personal impact of discrimination through the telling of stories, and
  • To learn hands-on tools for dealing effectively with bigoted comments and behavior.

The NCBI Controversial Issue Process helps individuals and groups to move hotly contested issues forward by teaching how to listen first to the heartfelt concerns on all sides and then to reframe the debate in a way that builds bridges.

NCBI’s approach of combining emotional healing work with practical skill-training enables participants to learn quickly in a safe environment that values individual initiative. NCBI’s seasoned training teams, representing a wide variety of backgrounds, coupled with the diversity of the participants in the seminar, also provide a valuable resource that helps people understand how they
are both alike and different.

Following the 3-Day Train the Trainer Seminar, NCBI encourages the participants to join the Fresno State's NCBI Chapter. The chapters meet monthly to offer ongoing support, advanced training, and supervision.

For more information on the 3-Day Train the Trainer Seminar and upcoming seminars, please contact the Fresno State NCBI Team via email

If you would like for the Fresno State NCBI Team to facilitate an NCBI Leading for Diversity and Inclusion for your group, please complete the form below. Please submit your request at least two months in advance to allow us to prepare accordingly. We ask that a location and technology set-up or a virtual meeting is secured prior to the workshop.

You will receive an email confirmation when your request has been reviewed and received. Requests will be approved based on  the availability of the NCBI Team.

Please contact the Fresno State NCBI Team via email

Request Form: Education Request Form