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Division of Equity and Engagement

Our Mission and Vision



The Division of Equity and Engagement supports the mission of Fresno State by weaving equity and inclusivity into the fabric of every aspect of the institution 

To represent and reflect a global culture that is affirming, inclusive, and equitable in order to foster a sense of belonging, with the goal of advancing human potential and growth.

To move our mission forward, we will:

  • Focus on educating, empowering, and encouraging students, and employees to overcome, remove, and combat processes that promote systemic barriers; so that our community can thrive.
  • Champion equity, and inclusion in academic and scholarly activities by cultivating opportunities for collaboration and community across the University.
  • Provide educational resources, programming, outreach, and learning opportunities that promote access and equity.
  • Foster living, learning, and working conditions that empower physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Align our mission and actions through meaningful accountability measures and data to ensure progress on goals related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.



The Division of Equity and Engagement will institutionalize the Inclusive Excellence theoretical lens as the foundation to motivate and galvanize the campus community toward a shared vision of an institution that is welcoming, inclusive, respectful, and free from discrimination, intolerance, and harassment, where all can thrive.