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Cross-Cultural and Gender Center

About the Cross Cultural and Gender Center

The Cross Cultural and Gender Center serves as a communal critical learning environment that provides support to explore topics such as intersectional identities, culture, and more. The values we uphold at CCGC include cultural humility, community inclusiveness, and community ownership. 

Mission Statement

The Cross Cultural and Gender Center exists to contribute significantly to the continued development of a safe and welcoming environment for the Fresno State community. We foster meaningful dialogue and activism that works to eliminate racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other forms of oppression. Our values are based on the feminist principles of equality, intersectionality, and human rights. The center is a community that works toward creating an atmosphere where students, faculty, staff and administrators are empowered and supported in their efforts to lead successful lives--academically, professionally, and personally.

Vision Statement

To create and maintain a campus of respect, inclusion, and equal opportunity; where all members of the campus community thrive, free from oppression and discrimination.