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Cross-Cultural and Gender Center

MENtorship Program

Supporting students through community and guidance

The Men’s Success Initiative is launching a one-year mentorship program this August to support incoming freshmen who identify men of color/men. This program will support Fresno State students as they acclimate to higher education by creating a sense of belonging and increasing their retention rate.


  • A peer mentor welcomes you and helps you establish yourself within the community.
  • A peer mentor can educate you about networking with faculty and staff.
  • A peer mentor can provide support in answering questions that you may feel reluctant or too diffident to ask your professor.

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  • Share personal campus experience and knowledge.
  • Obtain personal satisfaction from making a difference to inspire others.
  • Resume experience and increase professional networks.
  • Build self-esteem and confidence professionally and personally.

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For more information, email Estevan Parra: