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Cross-Cultural and Gender Center

LGBTQ+ Educational Services

The LGBTQ+ Programs and Services and Gender Programs and Services of the Cross Cultural and Gender Center work together to offer presentations and panels to provide education and awareness about LGBTQ+ identities and experiences to the Fresno State campus community.

Please send us an email to request a presentation virtually: These are available on a very limited basis.

Any Fresno State professor, instructor, department, or organization may request an in-class or virtual presentation by emailing

Due to limited availability, we may not be able to fulfill your request. Requests submitted past the deadline will rarely be considered.

Identities 101:

Reviews the LGBTQIA+ acronym, discusses the definition of sexuality, stereotypes, history of the LGBTQ+ community, and the differences between sexuality and gender.

Gender 101:

Reviews the array of gender & trans identities, discusses gender roles, pronouns, stereotypes, and the gender binary.

Hear about the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals from a panel of 3 to 4 queer people (including a Q&A). Individuals will discuss their "coming out" stories and other experiences they feel are relevant. This is the perfect environment to ask questions and learn about the experiences of LGBTQ+ people. 

To join and receive our newsletter notifications and find out about our upcoming events, submit poems/art/article pieces/news/etc., and/or submit a question to the editor, email 

Volunteering looks differently for everyone! Please email to find out what opportunities are available!