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Cross-Cultural and Gender Center

Menstrual Products

menstrual health

We feel it is important to acknowledge that not everyone who experiences menstruation is a woman and not every woman experiences menstruation. Using gendered language like “feminine hygiene products” is not inclusive and can lead to the trivialization of the experiences of others who menstruate, including trans men and non-binary people. The framing of menstruation as an intrinsic part of “womanhood” also implies that trans men and non-binary people who experience menstruation are actually women and that trans woman and cis women who do not menstruate are not actually women. It is always important to be respectful of all gender identities. Here is a list of more inclusive terms you can use around menstruation:

>Menstrual Products
Instead Of... Use...
“Feminine hygiene,” “feminine health” Menstrual health
“Feminine hygiene products”
Menstrual health products, menstrual hygiene products
Women and girls (when referring to individuals that experience periods) People with periods, menstruators
“Part of becoming a woman” “Womanhood” Part of puberty, part of growing up

On-Campus Resources

The Student Cupboard offers menstrual products as well as other hygiene products.

You can request menstrual products at the Student Health and Counseling Center

You can request menstrual products in the Cross Cultural and Gender Center’s main office, Thomas Building room 110A. 

There are also baskets in both the women’s restroom and the gender-inclusive restroom located in the Career Development Center of the Thomas Building. If either basket is empty, please notify the staff at the front desk of the Cross Cultural and Gender Center.

Menstrual products can be found in the women’s restroom of the University Student Union. 

Off-Campus Resources

PERIOD works to educate people about menstruation and fight for menstruation justice. PERIOD also provides menstrual products to non-profit organizations for distribution to those in need.

Transgender-Friendly Resources for Trans and Cis Folks

Pyramid 7  ells “boxer briefs for periods, not gender”.

THINX fights for better access to puberty education, amplifying grassroots activism, and donating their undies and time. THINX also sells period underwear.

Lunapads are reusable alternatives to disposable pads and tampons featuring modern washable cloth pads, magical leak-free period undies, and menstrual cups.

GladRags works to positively transform the experience of menstruation through reusable menstrual products and relevant education.


Lunette works to change attitudes about periods because nobody should be ashamed of them and nobody should miss a chance because of them. Lunette also sells menstrual cups.

MANstruation Boxer Briefs

HERE is a tutorial on how to make your own menstruation boxer briefs.