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Cross-Cultural and Gender Center

Harambee Room

Welcome to comfort and affirmation, where community and culture meet. The Harambee Room received its name from the Swahili word which means, "Let's all pull together." We invite everyone to take part in the calming space that is the Harambee Room. Located in Thomas 109.

  • Black is Beautiful
    "This place [is] a comfortable place to be in." - LJ, student
  • Man Standing with Hands in Pocket in Harambee Room
    "The Harambee Room feels like home and is a safe place to be." - Obi, student
  • Travon Standing in Harambee Room
    "This room makes me feel great and wanted. This is a good place to be because you see a lot of Black people gathering here." -Travon, student
  • Diymond Holding Painting in Harambee Room
    "This room feels really safe. I feel seen. I can tell you guys put a lot of effort into this room. It makes me feel excited about the things that are coming [for Black students]. - Diymond, student
  • Ryan Sitting in Harambee Room
    "It's a very calming space. I love the vibe." - Ryan, student
  • Keric Looking in a Mirror in Harambee Room
    "Every time I look into that mirror [in the Harambee Room], I see a young and gifted Black man." - Keric
  • Cubby in Harambee Room
  • Chairs and Table in Harambee Room
  • Seating Area in Harambee Room